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E&J Automotive has been providing residential and commercial vehicle owners in Santa Maria, CA with quality smog inspection services since 2006. Our mechanics are licensed, insured, and professionally trained. We’re dedicated to providing affordable pricing rates for all our customers. We work within strict time schedules in an efficient manner. As a leader in the market, with vast experience in this business field, we take pride in our superior reputation.

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by Andy L. on E&J Automotive

Thank you E&J Automotive for the professional smog test! I'm impressed by your professionalism! Keep up the good work!

professional smog check station in Santa Maria, CAThere are many smog check service providers in Santa Maria, CA, but not all of them can match our prices and quality standards. Our mission is to meet and even exceed the customers expectations, regardless of their needs. Over the last few decades, Santa Maria, CA has experienced an increasing demand for automobiles.

However, not all of them are hybrid electric vehicles, with their main purpose being to preserve the environment. The majority of car owners prefer engines that don’t run with electricity, but fuel. Unfortunately, it is the greatest enemy to the environment and will destroy it in the not so distant future if it continues to be used. While carbon dioxide is being exhausted into the air, it should be strictly regulated. That is why E&J Automotive is determined to help people decide what amount of smog their cars are distributing.

Our smog inspection station is easy to find and always available for clients living within Santa Maria, CA. When you visit our auto store in Santa Maria, CA, our specialists will examine your vehicle and run a smog test on it. The professionals working for our company are experts within this field, and they will be sure to cover all aspects of your vehicle. Before you go through our smog check station, we will give you an estimate for free. If you have more than one vehicle, we will check them both for a reasonable price. We will also thoroughly examine your unit and ensure it functions correctly, just as designed.

reliable smog test in Santa Maria, CAOur technicians will document every visit you make to our shop. It will help to prove what services we’ve already performed on your car. Our contract includes the arrangements, details, and condition of your vehicle, which you want us to check.

When it comes to long-distance trips, your car is an irreplaceable part of the overall planning. Before you go on a vacation, you should inspect it for damage, and if you run a smog test on it, so much the better. With our smog check service, you can have the best of both worlds, meaning a safe ride with a clear environmental conscience. Our specialists will offer you complete customer satisfaction that is guaranteed. When we finish with the smog inspection, we will provide you with a written report on the exhaust emissions that you car’s engine ejects. Take advantage of our affordable smog inspection station. If your vehicle fails the test, we will offer you an exhaust system that will lessen the emitted toxic gases. We will do it at a competitive price that no other contractor can provide. Consider having your vehicle inspected at our smog check station. You will not only contribute to saving the environment, but you will also be assured that your car’s emissions are according to the state regulations. Contact us now at (805) 922-9344┬áto schedule an appointment.

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